2. Diamonds

My lifelong enemies become the messengers  
teaching me how to live and love the world
with the strangeness of it’s curve
I read the meaning, then lost my nerve
I shoved dirt in every crack in every word

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3. Nothing

Nothing will ever make me feel better
Nothing will ever be mine

Thirsty at first
A taste makes it worse
Down at the end of my well
Oh hell

Will I someday
tire of raging                
for my way

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4. Fool

I tell myself    
not to be a fool
It comes so naturally to me
It’s all I’ll ever be

I tell myself      
To grow up, get serious  
And all i want to be
Is an animal that’s free 

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5. Beloved

I wanted clouds to kiss me
Like I was a mountain top
I got your kiss downtown
I wanted the world to stop 

I wanted time to stand still
like I was a little girl
then laughter overtook you
a comet shooting through the words

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9. Gambling

There is no country
to save me from myself
each of those fantasies
draw from an empty well

written by the same mind
that would have me say
who's out to get mine
how can I hold my place 

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10. Everything Is Waiting For You

There’s the sky and a tree
there’s the road and a meal  
there’s green and there’s blue
everything is waiting for you 

There’s pleasing   
and there’s pain
There are fortunes
There’s your name  
and you’re the one who gets to choose
everything is waiting for you 

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